About Ruff Gems

Fusing fashion & function to create unique crystal dog tags for your sweet pup!

Our story is two-fold. Growing up, we watched our father meticulously set stones into the most intricate jewelry settings. Taking such care and attention to design and detail has stuck with us in all aspects of our lives.

We also grew up with a black Standard named Roxy, who's memory still sparks both tears and giggles. Our love for animals and all things wild has since grown, and we've had several family dogs along our journey. But it was Mango, Donna's current pup, who ignited an idea that weaved both of these "loves" together. Ultimately, we wanted to start a business that gave the promise of smiles; that spread good energy, just as our beloved pets have for us. And in that way, Ruff Gems was born!

Mango, our furry CFO

Chief Floof Officer, Cuddler, Treat monster and Hole digger

Mango is the sweet furry family member that catapulted a creative idea into a reality. He is a lovable, goofy and energetic Irish-Setter-Doodle who has brought immense love and good energy into our lives. He has truly completed our family. Without Mango, Ruff Gems just wouldn't be the same.


Founder, Owner, Designer, Maker, Social Media Marketing

Donna is Speech-Language Pathologist who uses creative art in therapy while working with Special Needs children in Brooklyn, NY. She loves creating and designing these Gem Tags. Her Setter-Doodle dog Mango is the CFO (Chief Floof Officer).